Welcome to the PearShapedCode website, one that is the hacked merging of 3 stalled rebuilds and old content. Here you'll find some of my older projects before I joined the ranks of the web team at Shebang, I hope you don't mind the web-cobwebs!

As for myself, I've been a designery/techy person since a young age. After getting my Software Engineering degree I ended up working in the world of web rather than pure software, so while I don't mind being knee deep in coding and occasionally commiting htmleppuku, it is nice to get back into Photoshop and punish some pixels.

Apart from being chained to a desk listening to tunes through headphones that could double as earmuffs, drinking copious amounts of black coffee or green tea, you might find me sweating out those teas and coffees at the gym or kickboxing to combat the chair bound life... although that involves headphones too! Oh, and if you've read this far and you're not a bot, thankyou for reading... now you'll probably want the last minute of your life back :-)

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