Austria Chalet Website

Before I left Aldine, my former boss had purchased a holiday home in a beautiful Austrian skiing town that was to be rented out when him and his family weren't there on the piste. Such an event required a website, not only to show the delights of the local area, but also the house itself, its facilities as well as pricing and availability.

With the batch of source images I was armed with at the beginning of the project, one idea came to mind was to have 2 site themes to mirror the season duality when holidaying there. The winter theme being the first one mirroring the skiing season, and the summer theme for the warmer outdoor activities season. Ice cold colours for winter, strong warm oranges for summer... all controlled by a simple PHP date check to flip between the two CSS themes for the appropriate months.

Another nice touch was for me to be able to render the house in 3D. All I had were the floor plans from scanned documents, so the first stage involved re-artworking the plans into Illustrator. Then in 3dsmax, I extruded the 2D layout into the proper walls, floors and steps. The next stage was to punch out the windows, create the doors and texture the place! After the renders were complete, they were brought back into Photoshop to label each room and prep for output. It would have been nicer to have been able to furnish the models but since we didn't have any stock models or the time to create them the empty rooms sufficed.

  • Link removed - unfortunately the website no longer exists :-(
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