Brown's Leisure Website

Back in 2002 a family friend approached me to create a website for his new business venture. After the website went live, other media projects were created for the company ranging from email templates to custom presentations for clients of Brown's Leisure. During this period of work, a newer bolder signature design was being developed that culminated in 2005 of a new website design and content being needed.

The first stage of the new website entailed recreating the original media that was the source for the entire corporate identity: the logo. Originally developed by another design company which only provided flattened raster files. The logo was broken down into its constituent parts in Macromedia (Adobe) Flash, and then it went on another stage to create an nice way of animating it.

Another major issue in the site was how it was to employ the use of Flash content. One of my biggest bugbears as a website visitor are sites that are 100% Flash content only, and/or have Flash intros that eventually take you to a standard HTML front page... the first button you tend to look for is "Skip Intro"! Informational websites that are Flash only suffer a complete lack of search engine indexing and the skip intro button is almost an admission of defeat. The way that Flash is used here is based on the premise that it enhances existing media and if Flash isn't installed then embedded images will appear in its place.

This is still one of my favourite sites both in design layout and content, and I'm happy with how well it stands after the couple of years it being live, while only ever needing a slight update here and there.

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