MySpace Custom Pages

Social networking, there is no getting away from it in this information driven age, and MySpace is one of the first major successes in that regards. But one of it's strengths and greatest weaknesses is its custom page templates.

Most MySpace pages resemble a bad interpretation of a Jackson Pollock painting. The pages are unnavigable, half see through, and frankly, just plain rubbish. It's no wonder I deleted my own account a while back.

The other problem with custom MySpace pages is the sheer crapness of the MySpace HTML code. To use the term 'markup' would be a complete lie since the code makes the Spaghetti Junction seem like a walk in the park. Fortunately there are a few guides out there on the interweb that tackle this problem head on. I had originally hacked some of my own templates for my own page to some success, but this one site helped so much by providing the proper CSS breakdown needed for a decent makeover.

Thus began the total makeovers of both DJ Markie Mark, and the DJRak MySpace pages. Both unique in their own right... plus with plenty of positive comments when the designs went live. But over time no doubt the layout has been screwed by user posts that alter the page width, or some code change by MySpace. Saying that apparently MySpace is debuting a completely new look, but the rot has set in. If you want networking then use LinkedIn, and if you want both then use Facebook!

DJRak custom MySpace layout. Markie Mark custom MySpace layout.