Pet Naturals Website

A few months ago a fellow designer who had relocated up to wee bonnie Scotland dropped me an email requesting my assistance in building a website for her. She is a freelance designer who used to work at Aldine but was now based up in Aberdeenshire.

As per usual when a project comes from a fellow designer, all the design work had been done for me, logos, images and supporting documents were provided. All that was required was a site template (although the template layout changed for the product pages) and static pages. The only other feature I included was my 'signature' scrolling images that I tend to use on quite a few sites.

After the site completion, there were very few corrections needed and the site upkeep was left in the hands of the client, as requested. All in all a nice little 'quick' project that resulted in a visually clean and pleasant site.

  • Link removed - unfortunately the website no longer exists :-(
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